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Manufacturing: Jaipur


Vertical Mill


These are more complex in design and have a host of peripheral arrangements, but the main consumables are Grinding Roll / Roller / Tyre and Table Liner / Bull Ring Segments.

The advantages of vertical mills for size reduction are not only their high throughput rates but also the high quality of the final product with respect to particle size and size distribution as well as their energy demand. Roller mills are typically used in coal fired power plants and cement plants. In power plants they are used for grinding coal and in cement plants for raw material size reduction as well as for grinding coal. Lately there has been a growing demand for these types of mills for finished cement grinding and the grinding of granulated blast furnace slag. In addition there are several further applications in other branches of industry that make use of the advantages offered by roller mills. In the vertical roller mill, besides the peripheral arrangement which takes out the crushed material, the two main wear resistant components are Grinding Rollers and Bull Ring Segments/ Table liners.

The material gets crushed by rolling action between the two items. Please find below a sketch for better understanding. Please find a list of OEM(s), their mill sizes and web links. The list is not exhaustive, and model names have changed in the past, so some of them may be the same mill, but with a different name.

Other peripheral products are Vane Mill Liners, Separator Body Liners/Intermediate Liners, Journal Head Liner, JOF Liners and Mill Port Outlets/ Mill discharge Valves.