We cater and supply to almost all parts of world from our Head Office in Jaipur, India. We are in the process of opening more sales offices in Americas, Australia, Gulf Area and China.

Manufacturing: Jaipur



The world at present is passing through considerable technological reforms in regard to upgrading economic steel manufacturing process. The national GDP of a country is largely dependent with the domestic steel price and consumption of steel.

Steel making can be broadly divided in two major manufacturing process, oxygen and electric steel making routes. The former is called primary and latter is secondary steel making route. Electric steel making can be subdivided as Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) and Electric Induction Furnace (EIF).

In early eighties with rising prices of Ferrous Castings, a few Alloy Steel Foundries were manufacturing steel castings with medium frequency induction furnaces. At this point of time Shri Balaji Industrial Products Limited (SBIPL) had set up a steel foundry at Jaipur in 1983 initially to manufacture for replacement of wear parts of heavy machinery of Cement Industries, Thermal Power Plants, Mines & Mineral Industries, General Engineering and original equipment manufacturers with a single induction furnace of 1 MT capacity.

Over the course of time, SBIPL gradually invested in new latest Plant & Machineries with high level of reliability and automation, technically matured and perfectly reproducible process and rising interest of high performance Alloys Steel Castings and presently enjoying a very good reputation and reliable name in the domestic as well as international markets.

Globally, there are specific sectors of economy that involves cast products predominantly for mining, dredging and mineral processing, cement industries, thermal power generation and equipment manufacturing.

At SBIPL a highly qualified professional team continuously engaged for new development and innovation with quality products justifying the value for money concept.

With worldwide demand for steel castings and at throat cut competition on the rise, steel foundries are under presure to optimize production, reduce Production Cost per tons by improving process controls, enhancing product quality and producing newer, higher steel grade castings.

With the top management involvement at every stages of operational activities and with a aim for continued improvement in production process control, reduction in rejection, improvement in quality, reduction in planned and unplanned downtime, lowering maintenance costs, SBIPL have shown a significant growth since its foundation. The growth made during last few years have been continuously contributing the economy of the country. The increased growth rate and profitability of the Company in terms of productions and the annual turnover is a landmark.

SBIPL’s strong operational management teams are committed to implement the innovative initiatives to enhance efficiency and achieve savings. The operational results of SBIPL have shown tremendous growth since its inception and this growth is continuously increasing. With a beginning of 3600 MT per annum, now we have achieved the manufacturing of 36,000 MT per annum registering a growth of 10 times during a span of 30 years.

SBIPL have also registered substantial growth on export front. Presently, we achieved export of 40% of our production and contributing substantial amount of foreign exchange in the country’s exchequer.

The Company have recently completed a project to expand the capacity of manufacturing Heavy Alloys Steel Castings by revamping our existing casting plant keeping in mind the future potential of domestic as well as global market.