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Manufacturing: Jaipur


Diaphragms/ Diaphragm frames

Diaphragms essentially separate the various chambers, there by not only separating the coarse material in one chamber from mixing with the finer material in the next chamber, but also separating the different sizes of grinding media in the various chambers. The most important function that diaphragms (along with diaphragm frames) perform is to maintain the right levels in the various chambers, which results into effective crushing, avoids mill choking, and enhances productivity.

Diaphragms and Diaphragm frames could be Intermediate and Discharge end. Diaphragm frames are suitably designed and engineered so that they are minimal in weight (to avoid dead load inside the mill), and sturdy enough to take the load of the diaphragms, back plates (in case of Intermediate) and the load of HCGM and material charge inside the chamber. They are fabricated from SAILHARD plates for longer life, and suitably finished for easy fitment and installation.

The material of diaphragms varies from chamber to chamber. For instance, the Intermediate chamber diaphragms are such made to withstand the impact of larger sized HCGM, where as the 2nd chamber to better wear life. These are very broad guidelines, and there are various situations, which we understand from the customer (in the mill questionnaire) and then conclude on the design and selection of the specification.